"Every human faces challenges. Mindfulness has helped me develop the emotional resilience to navigate life's challenges with more equilibrium and ease.
Mindfulness is not some esoteric practice for hippies.  It is a life skill, fitness training for the mind and a gateway to fully experience and embrace the full measure of life."

A Mindful practice invites us to step out of our hurried, distracted and busy minds and return to the present moment.  By anchoring our attention in presence, we develop the capacity to see clearly, to acknowledge and accept what is, with courage and wholeheartedness .  In presence, we are not lost in thought, we are centred, and awake. This focused awareness helps us to develop resilience, emotional regulation, compassion and the wisdom to navigate life with more ease and equilibrium.  Neuroscience itself supports this profound impact which Mindfulness exerts on the human brain within weeks of training. 


“ Really good facilitator, very experienced and passionate about the topic” - March 2016

"Annette is a highly intuitive, insightful, empathetic professional. She constantly invests in her knowledge and brings all she has to enable her clients. Annette has a wonderful and generous energy. She guided and coached me during some difficult times. Providing emotional, spiritual, nutritional, mindful and physical solutions and taught me to be self sufficient. I would HIGHLY recommend this very special lady"    


GM People, Customer Products & Services, National Australia Bank, April 2017

Annette was very compassionate and caring in her teaching. Everything was easy to grasp and extremely interesting and so rewarding. I looked forward to each session and felt the MBSM was an invaluable life long learning experience, I am so grateful and would fully recommend Annette and the MBSM to anyone."


OCT- 2015

"I found the course to be interesting and engaging.  The practical exercises were great and had a positive impact in my day to day life.  Annette was very easy to listen to and had a lot of knowledge.  Thank You"


"Annette is an excellent trainer/teacher in Mindfulness-Based Stillness Meditation. Learning and practising MBSM has been a bit of a revelation for me and I give a high level of credit for this to Annette. I highly recommend to my friends and colleagues, learning about MBSM if it something you might be interested in. I certainly feel that it has enhanced my personal wellbeing and helped my professional life too."

“ The Mindfulness course has helped me gently remind myself that the world is bigger than just my narrow point of view, a few repeating thoughts I stew over. It has directed me down a path of realisation of how my mind works, how I can practically relax and change my thoughts,and how I have habitually forgotten so much about life. It is a path I know I have to work on, but the glimmers of light and beauty give me hope. So thank you very much for letting me be part of your group, I enjoyed it VERY much”      

                                                        NOV 2015

"Annette's Mindful Meditation course not only provided me with invaluable life skills (especially mindful eating!) but it is a course that would benefit organisations as part of their employee value proposition. It compliments other wellbeing initiatives, the content is perfectly pitched for all levels of employees. Annette is an engaging facilitator and genuinely passionate about mindfulness, nutrition and health and this shines through in her outstanding delivery of her mindful meditation product. Highly recommended!!"

“ The MBSM program helped me reconnect with my body, my passions and the people I love.  After four weeks I felt stronger, calmer and more open".



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