Mindful Movement Programs with Annette Marlow

Finally i found the missing link with my exercise regime. Thanks for providing a fun way to link the mind, body and breath in such a safe and challenging way!  Julie

Fusion Yoga

Fusion Yoga (or Yoga Fusion) combines traditional Yoga with fitness training to achieve a whole body workout. It is a combination of exercises which enhance your overall strength, flexibility, and endurance.

The term “Fusion” suggests that we will be combining two complementary techniques, one of which will definitely be a Mindful exercise. In ways that benefit you the most, we will be integrating a fusion of yoga postures, core strength, functional movement, and mindfulness exercises.


These dynamic group classes are designed to suit the size and needs of the group. Thus, everyone will have the opportunity to train in Fusion Yoga within their own class and without any problem of keeping up.

At the  end of a very long hectic week I can walk in to Annettes session carrying all the stressses and strains of the  fast life I live , feel knotted up physically and mentally and  walk out an hour later with every muscle stretched, strengthened and released to carry on  another week . Prior to meeting Annette, I had suffered for months with bilateral hip pain, had undergone cortisone  injections, Physiotherapy, myotherapy and constant  agony over many months. I am now  pain free , have learned the art of relaxation and  have  really benefited from all the muscle strengthening and stretching each week. And apart from anything else, I really enjoy  Annette's gentle coaching and skillful way of making me work those muscles I never  knew existed!! So much so that I have also convinced family and friends to  join in to these sessions. I really recommend  a trial to experience Annette's  "whole" approach to the  human body.... TP 


Since starting Get Zest classes I have been pushed beyond anything I had know at the gym...all using my own body weight. Annette has skillfully guided me in working essential muscles that are necessary from a practical perspective rather than the aesthetic. I am now more aware of my poor posture and can engage core muscles to correct it. I am looking forward to learning more and challenging myself in the weekly classes. I would highly recommend joining the classes, which are both fun and practical.                                                   AK

If you’re looking for a program that’s not too strenuous for your health, then you’ll warm up to the idea of a Mindful Stretching Class.


Here, you’ll discover the wonders and benefits of stretching exercises which can be performed mindfully, without overexerting or pushing yourself too hard. These lessons include posture awareness, breathing, and mindfulness exercises.


Learn to release physical and mental tension

and reduce pain held in your body through gentle,

whole body stretching. Practice mobilising your

body, in order to keep those muscles strong,

toned, and efficient.

Mindful Stretching
Desk Health

Long hours spent sitting at a desk can cause a host of physical and mental roadblocks.  These Desk Health-related conditions include poor posture, stagnated energy, stress, and dehydration which, in turn, contribute to pain or dysfunction in the body. 


This workshop is designed to introduce a range of

self-help stretches, breathing exercises, and

mindful meditation techniques. As a whole, the

workshop is designed to release tension in the

individual, as well as to motivate employees to

take a proactive approach in improving their own



Learn a tool box of self-help techniques.

'Fantastic way to get fit with a small class of regulars and a trainer who monitors your individual needs.  Each class provides variety and focuses on both the mind and the body. '                                                          Kaz

'Annette is a brilliant trainer. She is intuitive and insightful, caring, kind and humorous and energetic. She know knows just how to challenge each person and help them develop to their potential. I can't speak more highly of her professionalism and skill.'                        Mandy


'I have tried many different exercise classes but Zen Power is truly unique .Not only it is enjoyable because every class is different but it has improved my mobility and posture and I am discovering muscles which I didn’t know I had. Annette devised these classes for us to gain inner and outer strength, to improve mobility and balance as well as meditation to sooth the soul. I also benefit from exercising mindfulness which is very useful in my life. I think I am very lucky that I found your classes Annette. ' Rachel