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6. Understand that SUGAR makes you FAT and SICK,  not good fats (olive oil, avovado, nuts, seeds, grass fed meats, organic meat and butter, full cream yoghurt).  Sugar is hidden in most packaged foods including yoghurt, loaded in breakfast cereals, snack bars, health bars, juices, alcohol, soft drinks, muffins, cakes, biscuits, icecream, sweets, desserts, lollies etc


7. Check your INGREDIENT LABELS:  anything you dont recognise you should not eat.


8. Replace: Boxed cereals with home made muslei, eggs and sourdough toast, soaked porridge, plain ypoghurt (sweetened with your own fruit, honey), Sourdough toast with smoked salmon and avocado, toasted cheese and turkey sandwhich, banana smoothy


Replace lunchbox bars with 100fruit bars, brown rice crackers, cheese sticks, fruit, home ade whole grain muffins, slices, carrot sticks, cucumbers, tuna dip, hummus, organic dried fruit and seeds, noiled eggs, left over meats cut up, rice, 


Replace cheap lollies at parties with Natural Confectionary ones (no additives)

Any flavoured chips, rice crackers usually have MSG and so many additives - replace with plain kettle chips

Replace fruit juices with water

Chocolate bars with good quality darker chocolate

Any boxed sweet biscuits, muffins, cakes with home made usuing butter (not vegetable oil)

Source breads from health shops or edwards sour dough (no additives)

Source meats and sandwhich filling from cleaner sources (ask your deli).








I still get overwhelmed just thinking about how much misleading information lurks the supermarket isles..... I get worried when I see innocent families filling their trolleys with so called foods that they think are 'healthy'. 


​I cringe at the sight of what fills up our childrens lunch boxes and pray that parents learn and wake up one day to realise that the food choices thay are making are compromising the health of their young ones, and our future generation.


I despise kids parties because I observe parents innocently thinking that they are showing their children so much love by providing an abundance of sweets with no clue about what these poor children are about to eat. If I could shout out load that you are making these kids SICK, they would look at me like I was some mad woman, party pooper who does not let my child eat anything sweet.


Far from it.  I love food, I do not deprive kids of treats and I love a party.


The difference is, when we eat, we make food matter. Good food, nourishes and makes us thrive.  Bad food, makes us tired, sick and empty of life.


Modern food processing has meant we are a nation that is suffering from MALNOURISHMENT, and its about time that people start to wake up.  People are getting sicker and fatter.  There are many reasons (and not all for this article!) and modern foods are a major player that is costing Australia  a....


Its time to wake up, get aware and get smarter.


Here are 10 things to be mindful of when chooseing food.



1. Stop believing everything your read on the outside of a box/packet.......Misleading marketing has been the greatest contributer to the declining health and obesity crisis that our nation faces.  Low fat, no fat, low sugar, low carb, additive free, natural, enriched most of the time mean the food is altered, filled with loads of chemical additives to make it taste like food. 


2. READ the INGREDIENT lists on a packet.  If you dont recognise what that ingredient is, you shouldnt be eating it.  Ingredients are listed in order of quantity. So if sugar is the second ingredient than its second most ingredient that makes up that product is sugar etc!


3. Beware of sugar  - it is hidden everywhere and hidden as many names and listed as a multitude of names ingredient lists including.....sugar, invert syrup, frustose, galactose, sucrose, honey, aspartame (951), fruit concentrate,


4. Beware of vegetable oils - these are margarines, canola oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, They are toxic and wreak hov.  Replace with food that uses BUTTER (yes it is natural and not chemically altered), EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL, EXTRA VIRGIN COCONUT BUTTER









Q.  Would you fill your petrol tank with fuel that you did not recognise as right for your car?

No you would not.  Your car would not function optimally.


We are the same....Good fuel, good health.  Poor feul, poor health.  Yet most people without hesitation, without question fill their own tanks (or even worse their childrens tanks) with ingredients that they do not even recognise or have a clue what it is.


Here are my suggestions for making smarter food choices.

Make every bite count

and read your ingredient lists


Make every bite count.  Food is medicine.  Good food heals, and nourished. 


Bad food, is food that provides no nourishment or food that has been so processed and altered that it may as well not be food.   Obesity, digestive problems, skin issues, allergies and so many other modern illnesses that are costing Australia......., are a direct result of poor food choices that wreak havoc in the body.


Regardless of how passionate I am about wanting to help people be well, in the eyes of those that DO NOT WANT TO KNOW, I will be always touted a "food nazi" , and for those that do care, and ask me for help, they thank me for motivating them to change their lives.










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