Bayside Personal Training, Small Group Mindful Movement & Fusion Yoga Classes 

  with Annette Marlow


My boutique classes are located in Brighton East and designed for a maximum of six people. This guarantees you won’t be able to hide in the last row! It also means you will learn proper technique and get the most you can out of every class.


Classes focus on developing core strength, mobility, and of course, the mind too. They are perfect for those wanting a personalised and safe experience.  My classes are ideal for the older population or clients wanting to improve their confidence or technique  before joining larger yoga classes offered by commercial gyms and yoga studios.

Over 60 yrs + classes 

Beginners classes

Chair classes

Fusion Strength, Stability and Mobility

Mindfulness and Meditation



Group Classes (one hour)

The price for my group classes are generally more than you would pay for at a commercial gym or yoga studio because of the small size (up to 6 people) and of course the personalised attention.



Pay as you go:

Group classes $30 PP or two classes per week is discounted to $25 per session


Pay by Term:

Prepayment for a full term guarantees your spot and reduces the fee to $28 per session, or $22 per session for two classes per week. 


Private Sessions (half hour)

Half hour Private sessions online $40 (via zoom)

Half hour Private sessions $50 East Brighton studio 

Half Hour Private Sessions shared: two people $35 each