Healthy Energy Balls with a splash of choc

These somewhat ugly balls actually taste delicious, and more importantly, they are filled with nutrition.


A great replacement to serve instead of commercial bought treats, bars, biscuits and sweets that are filled with refined sugar and a concoction of chemical additives.


Like with anything that is sweet (including dried fruit as in this recipe), less is always more.  So just because it is healthy doesnt mean you should eat copious amounts of them!!!!    Enjoy the goodness in moderation. 

The concept behind this recipe is to teach you that you can actually add any healthy ingredients that you like - wizz it all together, bind it with coconut oil, and then set and store it in the fridge.


My wonderful client Ronnit who always brings me some amazing wholefood treat inspired me with these.  Her original recipe contains sunflower seeds and cranberries, while mine uses tahini paste and goji berries. If you can tolerate nuts, and want more protein and less dried fruit (the sugar) then use them as your main ingredient....add chia seeds or flax seeds too.  Experiment!






Sulphur dioxide is a preservative found in everyday dired fruit including sultana's, apricots, prunes, dates etc.... You will find them listed in the ingredients as any number between 220 - 228.  


The biggest concern with this additive is it is strongly linked to asthma and cough. Other known effects of sulphites include irritable bowel symptoms, eczema, headaches and behaviour problems. 

Sulpher dioxode also destroys thiamine (vitamin B1) and folate in the body, leading to severe deficiencies in these vitamins. 


You CAN buy dried fruits that are sulpher free (check the ingredient lists!!!).  Regular supermarkets stock sulpher free dried fruit (especially Woolworths and their Macro Range) but you must read the ingredient list carefully.


Sulphites are commonly found in cordial, wine, processed fruit & vegetables, sausages and bread.


More great info about dangerous additives in food can be found at:



100g pitted dates (make sure each date is PITTED before you throw them inn)

4 tablespoons of SULPHER free shredded coconut (eg Macro brand from woolworths)

1 heaped tablspoon of pure tahini paste 

1 tsp of raw organic cacoa powder

2 tablespoon goji berries

3-4 tablespoons of melted organic cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil (*note this is much less than when coconut oil is solid)

20g good quality 85% dark chocolate 


Wizz all these ingedients together (except chocolate and oil) to form a fine crumb (too long will make it into a paste)


Remove into a bowl and mix in 3-4 tablespoons of melted coconut oil and mix through ingredients.


Wait a couple of minutes until it cools and then stir in finely chopped pieces of 85% dark chocolate.


Pop into fridge for 10 minutes or longer or until you can grab small amounts and squeeze together to form little balls.  Then keep refrigerated.  As the coconut oil sets (an hour or so) they are ready to eat.  Store in an airtight container.