Mindful Movement  with Annette Marlow

Annette has been an exercise coach for 19 years, specialising in improving mobility and building whole body strength. After a long stint in the typical gym environment, she felt a strong need to provide clients with a more integrated Mind Body Approach.


A change in approach led her to teach a fusion of Strength, Yoga and Mindfulness.


Since starting a Yoga practice, Annette has overcome chronic back pain and built a much deeper mental and physical strength. This integrated Mind Body Approach is reflected in her own unique teaching style which fuses together Movement and Mindfulness.

What is Mindful Movement?

When we live our life with Mindfulness, we’re no longer just going through the motions. Present in the moment, we are more engaged in body and mind.


MINDFUL MOVEMENT is any movement wherein we purposefully focus deep attention to sensations of body and mind. The more the mind and body are connected, the more the activity becomes beneficial to both. 


When we are able to perform exercise with more awareness, we bring ourselves into the present moment. We begin to develop a deeper awareness of our self and our surrounding, which brings us to the essence of Mindfulness.


Mindful Movement practices have been around for centuries. Traditionally, they include Yoga, Qi Gong and Tai Chi – all of which train the mind and body to pay attention to the present moment.

Mindful Movement can be applied to any form of activity. Wide in scope, it ranges from the most athletic type of activities to the most ordinary movements of everyday life. Thus, you could be walking, running, sitting, stretching, practicing archery, climbing stairs, cleaning, and still be mindful of your movement.


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