Mindfulness Programs with Annette Marlow

“ The program was very informative and immediately practical for daily living.  Annette - thank you for such a fantastic program.  You are clearly passionate about this topic. 

Thank you!!!”

 S.M.  May 2016

“ I found the course to be interesting and engaging.  The practical exercises were great and had a positive impact in my day to day life.  Annette was very easy to listen to and had a lot of knowledge.  Thank You 

 - Johanne May 2016 


"Great course.

 I found it well organised with well put together course notes, including sending us audio recordings in a timely manner.  Annette had a very warm approach that made it easy to get into mindfulness."

I have learnt a lot about mindfulness over the last few weeks.  I like the practical hands on approach of these sessions e.g. Annette will demonstrate the mechanics of a particular practice (e.g. progressive muscle relaxation) during the session and then we have the opportunity to practice at home with a guided audio track.  I found Annette to be warm, engaging and light hearted which made me feel at ease and made it a pleasant learning environment. 


What Will You Learn?

You will learn realistic, accessible, and practical tools to teach you how to develop your own Mindfulness practice. My programs are designed with flexibility to meet your organisation, business, or family needs.


I will teach you Informal and Formal Mindful exercises and meditations designed to train your mind to become more focused, awake and aware so you can begin to experience a more mindful life.








Who is a Mindfulness Program for?


Mindfulness, simply put, is for EVERYONE. We all can do with a dose of Mindfulness.


Worldwide, it is being taught to teachers, students, and school children; to leaders, managers, and executives; to government officials and employees; to patients, carers, and medical professionals; to athletes and sports teams; to servicemen and war veterans; and to mums and dads everywhere.


Where It’s Headed


So, where has Mindfulness been all along? It might surprise you to know that people have been practicing mindfulness for thousands of years. It’s been practiced by individuals and communities, whether by itself or as part of a larger tradition.


However, it was only relatively recent that Mindfulness has been welcomed and made accessible to Western culture. This was made possible with the help of leaders such as John Kabot-Zinn who pioneered the Mindful Based Stress Reduction Program.  


With science backing its physiological and psychological benefits, Mindfulness is rapidly gaining momentum. Headed for success, it is widely recognized as an essential part of well-being and medicine today.










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