A Mini Mindful Meditation - Perfect if you are new to Mindful Meditation

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

A reminder that the reason we practice Mindfulness is to train the mind to be in control of where it rests its attention. Mindful practices train us to to sharpen our skill of concentration to help us become more productive, see with greater perspective, navigate challenges with more ease and equilibrium, and reduce the risk of falling prey to stress related illnesses.

Mindful Meditation is somewhat different to a guided visualisation or a deep relaxation, in that it asks you to stay present, awake, alert and open. In this sense it is rather challenging because the nature of your mind finds it difficult to be still, and stay present.

So as you practice this Mini Mindful exercise remember:

1. Your mind WILL wonder. When you notice it has wondered that is a mindful moment in itself. Gently see if you can coax it back to focusing on your breath, sounds or whatever I’m guiding you to follow.

2. You may get bored, agitated, or even fall asleep. These are normal responses that we experience when we stop, and move from human doing to human being. Notice whatever response you are having or had (that is another mindful moment) and allow it to be, or accept what it was.

3. Keep returning the the exercise, over and over again, with a light hearted approach, acceptance and openness. Practice with patience.

4. There is no failure in Mindful Meditation.

mini mindful meditation

Be well.


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