Zen classes are unique, personal, safe and never the same.



Zen classes are small group exercise session (max size is 6) so the attention is on you!



The Zen Den is far away from any gym or personal training studio. Zero intimidation. Zero judgement.



Zen classes are taken by Annette (14 years personal training, lifestyle coaching, food educating).     





'Nettie is a brilliant trainer. She is intuitive and insightful, caring, kind and humorous and energetic. She know knows just how to challenge each person and help them develop to their potential. I can't speak more highly of her professionalism and skill.'



'I have been regularly exercising for the past 6 years. I was quick to discover that the gym environment was not for me.I tried pilates and yoga but found I much preferred a form of exercise that raised my heart rate and produced an endorphin  rush. I get much satisfaction from personal training and running but wanted to do a form of exercise that was kinder to my body, without reducing my strength and fitness level. Zen Power has ticked all the boxes and finally i have found an enjoyable, social, body sculpting and good cardiovascular class to compliment the other activities I do. This is also a time for me to completely switch off from the day to day stresses and pressure i face and enables me to view my day with a much clearer mind. Who wouldn't want to feel calmer, more relaxed and have the ability to face whatever challenges come their way?'


'Annette's classes are a great for maintaining or increasing body fitness but more importantly they provide a fantastic means of managing stress and emotional fatigue in a supportive and safe environment. Annette brings fun and sensitivity to the classes and I always feel 100% better after attending her class.

Keep it up Netti!'                                               Cath S



'Zen classes are always varied .challenging and enjoyable.The small groups enable Annette to give close attention to all the participants.It has become an integral part of my week!'                                                    Eva, Dec 2013




'Annette's classes offer a wonderful combination of mind and body work for over 60's. She incorporates strengthening, stretching, breathing and relaxation and we feel great after the classes!'                     Ronnit, Dec 2013



'Fantastic way to get fit with a small class of regulars and a trainer who monitors your individual needs.  Each class provides variety and focuses on both the mind and the body. '               Kaz, Nov 2013



'An amazing all round strength building work out !!  After only a few sessions I genuinely looked and felt more toned and it's a really friendly and welcoming environment. Love it !! Thank you Annette  :)'



The time in the zen den is special. Annette gives her careful thoughtful instructions clearly.  I feel so good afterwards.   Lois




Finally i found the missing link with my exercise regime. Thanks for providing a fun way to link the mind, body and breath in such a safe and challenging way!  Julie, 39 yrs, June 2013
I have been working with Annette for the last 7 years and her classes have been extremely beneficial for me and my posture and core strength has grown considerably.  12 months ago I suffered an arm injury and had to forego my classes for some months but now I am in the Zen Den each week and am working to re-energise my strength, mobility, and self-confidence.  The Zen Den is especially great at the end of the class when we experience the quiet surroundings during meditation.  I am already experiencing the benefits of Annette's classes and learning valuable breathing and movement techniques which are already helping me improve each week.  It's great exercise for anyone of any age, you don't feel exhausted, you feel good about yourself at what you can achieve".   Helen, April 2013



'I have tried many different exercise classes but Zen Power is truly unique .
Not only it is enjoyable because every class is different but it has improved my mobility and posture and I am discovering muscles which I didn’t know I had. Annette devised these classes for us to gain inner and outer strength, to improve mobility and balance as well as meditation to sooth the soul. I also benefit from exercising mindfulness which is very useful in my life. I think I am very lucky that I found your classes Annette. '
                       Rachel, aged 64



'I have tried many exercise options over the years from straight gym workouts, gym classes, core strength work and I have found that your new classes are refreshingly different. I like the challenges of the strength work, body positions and movements combined with breathing and mindfulness. I have the gentle aches that you experience after a solid workout a day or two later, so I know that it has been productive. I  can feel that my flexibility is improving. Most importantly I feel great. I also appreciate your attention to detail and your ability to guide us through the moves with such succinct and incisive direction. I look forward to learning more about my body and the incidental benefits of exercise these classes bring.'    Allan, 44 yrs, April 2013




Zen power classes are challenging, grounding, and fulfilling. Annette provides a warm and supportive environment with the perfect balance of strength, mobilization and meditation - encouraging a mindful approach to every movement and every moment. Ari, Dec 2013

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